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  • The lie detector test works by measuring psychophysiological changes in the examinee during questioning.
  • The questions asked are formulated and agreed upon before the start of the examination in the pre-test interview.
  • Sensors are placed on the examinee during the test to measure changes in the examinee's responses when answering the pre-agreed questions.  
  • The examiner will only ask the questions approved by the client during the pre-test interview. No other (or unexpected) questions surrounding the reason for the test will be asked.

A Lie Detector test can help with:

Lie Detector


Is your integrity being questioned? Are you being accused of something you have not done? Do you want to prove your innocence to the people who do not believe you? Your integrity defines the way people see you and having this questioned can be hurtful and upsetting. A lie detector test has an accuracy of over 90% and could help rid you of these accusations and prove your honesty, clearing your name once and for all.

Lie Detector


Trust builds the foundations of any relationship, and infidelity will destroy them. This deceit is very difficult to recover from and many relationships end as the truth can not be identified. It is undeniable that people who have previously been with an unfaithful partner are insecure and suspicious when they do not need to be. This causes accusations of cheating, which are both unfounded and untrue. If you are being accused of cheating or you suspect your partner is being dishonest, a lie detector test will show your commitment to the relationship and help you decide the best way to move forward to a happier and more honest future.

Lie Detector

Employment Screening

Polygraph examinations are becoming more and more popular for companies to effectively and efficiently screen potential employees. The pre-employment screening process is usually required when a business needs immediate information about an applicant, their integrity, and their honesty. This is usually in a position of trust, such as in the financial sector or the care industry. Candidates may also request a test to show their commitment and transparency to their potential employers.

Lie Detector

Criminal Matters

Do you suspect a member of your family or someone close to you has stolen from you? Maybe you are being accused of stealing something and you want to prove your innocence. Do you run a business and need to find out why money or a product has gone missing? It could be that something has been vandalised, but you cannot prove by whom. With an accuracy of over 90%, a lie detector test can get to the root of the issue and help you find out who has, or who has not, betrayed your trust.

Lie Detector


Addiction can ruin lives, split up families, and irreparably damage relationships. It is often mistaken as a "choice" and people often refer to addicts as "weak", thinking the solution is to merely stop. These comments can push someone who is struggling to overcome a problem to relapse.
Addiction is a recognised medical condition; it is not just drugs or alcohol; it covers a vast spectrum from gambling to something we would see as minor, such as using the internet, playing video games, or even exercising. Your loved one may not even realise there is a problem and that they need the help of a medical professional. A lie detector test could promptly identify the issue and start them on the journey to recovery.

Lie Detector

Group Testing

It can be difficult to identify someone who has stolen from your business, or from you at any time, but what if there is more than one person who has had the opportunity to do so? In life, we have to deal with many different issues, such as family members saying you have done something you have not, or maybe being accused by friends of cheating on your partner. Someone may have accused you of flirting with their partner, as the rumour mill has told them you did. When there is more than one suspect, it is nearly impossible to be able to pinpoint the culprit. This is where a group lie detector test can help you. We offer reduced rates for bookings over three or more examinees, and with an accuracy of over 90% can you afford not to?

Lie Detector

Historic and Current Abuse

Abuse of any kind is unforgivable, and genuine survivors carry the trauma with them for the rest of their lives. These brave and strong people deserve to be able to get these vile predetors convicted. There are many people that have carried this unthinkable experience with them for many years, but there are many who are still trying to find their voice and be heard. These are the people who are not believed by friends and, horrifyingly, sometimes by their own families. This is where we can help you. Many survivors of abuse suppress the events and have been accused of lying for so long, they start to question their version of events. The memory may be triggered during a psychiatric or counseling session, and now the person wants to know if their memory is correct. A lie detector test works by using memory recall, bringing the scenario to the forefront of their mind. Across the UK, many clients have brought their historical or present-day cases, along with their results to the police, and justice has prevailed.

Lie Detector

False Accusations

Many police forces in the UK are using lie detector tests on the release of sex offenders, but what if you are being accused and you did not commit the crime? The horrible truth is that innocent people can often be accused, and these allegations can, and do ruin lives. A crime such as this, even if your innocence is proven, can irreparably damage someone's reputation, especially if the story is published in the press. Many people have lost their jobs and/or families, and the only answer has been to relocate and hope the nightmare does not follow. In the courtroom, your lie detector test may not be taken into consideration. The police, on the other hand, do value this as a credible tool, particularly when dealing with sex offenders in the community.

Sensors used during the lie detector test:


A blood pressure cuff that measures the heart rate and relative blood pressure during the polygraph test.

Plethysmograph (PPG)

An instrument that clips onto a finger for measuring changes in blood volume within an examinee's finger.

Pneumo-Assembly Tubes

Two tubes are attached, over the clothes around the examinee's torso.

EDA Sensors

Two sensors placed on the examinee's fingers to measure changes in an examinee's sweat activity on their hands.

Activity Sensors

Measuring movements made by an examinee to establish if there are any attempted counter measures being made.

Instrument Used by Lie Detector Services

  • Lie Detector Services use a Lafayette LX 6 Polygraph Instrument.
  • The LX6 is the next generation and most advanced polygraph instrument on the market today.
Lie Detector