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I was so scared and anxious about going for the lie detector, but the examiner was so helpful and understanding. He explained step-by-step what would happen and how everything worked. I was very happy with the services provided, and I thank you so much for the job you do and the help you gave me.

I can't thank this company enough. It saved my marriage. My husband thought I had been cheating. After constant accusations and arguments, I decided to book a lie detector test. It was worth every penny. I booked the appointment through the support manager, who was so understanding and made me feel at ease from the start. I asked for an appointment as soon as possible and managed to book it within 3 days. My examiner, Buks, went through the whole process in great detail. He made me feel comfortable and reassured. He was a really genuine and nice guy. I got the results I expected and was very happy, as was my husband. I would highly recommend this company.

I had accusations against me that would...
I had accusations against me that would follow me for the rest of my life, I lost my job, and it also effects my future employment, I had to do this test to prove my innocence. I got the result I wanted and immediately sent it to those who needed to see it, what a good feeling that was, just having the results of the test lifted me at a time when I was feeling low. It was worth the money, Buks who done the test put me at ease and was a very patient listener, the whole experience was very professional.

Buks explained everything in a professional manner from start to finish
Buks explained everything in a professional manner before conducting the test and was really lovely and understanding. I had booked in for the test due to false accusations against me. The questions Buks put together to prove my innocence did just that and I hope to stop all the false accusations that have occurred and doing this test have done just that. Would happily recommend to anyone in a situation like mine where falsely accused of something they didn't do.

The examiner was welcoming and set my mind at ease.
The examiner was knowledgeable. Buks explained everything about the test and the different questions that would be asked. I felt comfortable going into my test, knowing I would pass and to support the fact that I was telling the truth. Buks made it easy in a way to understand how the test would be conducted, and asked what was the situation that needed to be cleared up? The questions were discussed with me in detail, and I understood all the questions clearly before the test started. Buks made it simple to understand the process of the lie detector test. I would recommend this company, very friendly welcoming and professional, and great time keeping.

Professional Service
Good and professional service and was happy with the outcome, Thanks again Buks.