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Lie Detector Test

Prices From: £350
at our offices in Evesham WR11 1GP

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We are Lie Detector Services. Accredited Lie Detector and EyeDetect® examiner with 26 years of experience in the polygraph industry. Your one-stop lie detector shop.

Tests are available in Scotland please contact us

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Lie Detector Test

  • The Lie detector test works by measuring psychophysiological changes in the examinee during questioning.
  • The questions asked are formulated and agreed upon before the start of the examination in the pre-test interview.
  • Sensors are placed on the examinee during the test to measure changes in the examinee's responses when answering the pre-agreed questions.  
  • The examiner will only ask the questions approved by the client during the pre-test interview. No other (or unexpected) questions surrounding the reason for the test will be asked.

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EyeDetect® and EyeDetect+®

  • EyeDetect® is an automated lie detector test that is fast accurate and affordable. It helps reduce your risk and losses and it saves you time.
  • New and Innovative - Lie detection deception method that effectively measures subtle changes in the eyes to "see the truth."
  • Fast and accurate results - EyeDetect successfully identifies deception with 86% accuracy by a detailed analysis of the behaviour of the eyes in approximately 30-40 minutes, and results are ready within 5 minutes.
  • Non-intrusive - No cables or sensors to attach on the EyeDetect® some cables on the EyeDetect+®

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We offer Lie Detector and EyeDetect tests throughout the UK
The prices quoted on this website are fully inclusive. For single tests, Lie Detector tests from £350 and EyeDetect and EyeDetect+ from £400. We also provide our services in our Glasgow office in Scotland. Other areas of Scotland are subject to availability and incur additional costs. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements and we will do our very best to accommodate them.

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