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Lie Detector Tests for Theft in the Workplace

Lie Detector Tests for Theft in the Workplace

Wednesday 17th May 2023

In 2021, the finance director of the Cornish recruitment consultancy Jambo Ltd. was jailed for six years. Nicky Retallik swindled the company to the tune of £1.4 million. This devious fraudster transferred funds into his own personal bank accounts that should have been paid to other firms. This ongoing embezzlement went undetected for nine years.

During the court hearing, the judge was told that the losses had prevented the company from being able to afford to provide the employees with pay raises and had, in fact, caused them to make some employees redundant. All of which, as the finance director of Jambo, Retallik was fully aware of; the judge commented that had he not been caught, he would have still been stealing from the company, not considering the damage he was doing to the company and the workforce.

Unfortunately, although this is one of the most extreme examples, theft in the workplace is more common than you realise. In 2022, there were 32 cases of embezzlement with a value of over £100k, making this the most common theft from the workplace recorded. The total value rocketed by 37% from the previous year to an eye-watering £38.9 million. This figure also includes an employee who managed to swindle £6.7 million out of their employer before being detected.

Theft in the workplace comes in many forms. not just embezzlement, for instance; it could be theft from clients, which damages your reputation, or theft from the company itself. It can also be theft between employees, like personal belongings being stolen from staff rooms or lockers. The theft could be office equipment, a product, or money from the premises; at its worst, like in the example above, the losses could run into the millions. Theft can be devastating to any company, and small firms in particular can sometimes go out of business.

It isn't just the crime itself that causes unrest in the company. There may be people who have worked for a firm for many years; it may even be family run but unfortunately, everyone is then a suspect. So, what can you do about it? How do you find the deceptive employee when something has gone missing, and how can you avoid hiring someone untrustworthy in the first place?

Pre-employment screening

There are two ways to resolve this issue; the best is to introduce pre-employment screening to applicants before they join the team. This can reveal their character as well as if they have been dishonest in the workplace before. Many firms introduce rigorous screening processes at the point of application, testing criminal backgrounds, financial records, and references. All of these checks are costly to a company, but they are deemed necessary to ensure the person they hire is the right fit for their workforce.

How could a pre-employment lie detector test help my company?

The costs involved in completing background checks can mount up, with many directors spending thousands of pounds in the process. Introducing pre-employment lie detector tests into your application process can cut these costs and give you a quick answer to the questions that can usually take weeks to be returned. With up to 98% accuracy, a pre-employment lie detector test can help you identify those who will fit into your workforce and be an asset to your company and those that won't.

Can a lie detector test help test my existing staff?

In addition to pre-employment screening, we carry out many tests in the workplace for companies in need of testing multiple employees at the same time. These tests are usually requested when a theft has been committed, and a number of members of staff have had access to the missing product or money. We also administer random testing for harassment issues if required.

We are able to test up to six people in one day (depending on location) and provide substantial discounts for this type of test. If the request is for more than six people, we will arrange the tests over consecutive days to provide as quick a result as possible.

If you are testing many employees at the same time, you do not need to have the entire workforce away from the office for the whole day. Once the issue has been discussed, we can arrange staggered arrivals for the tests to ensure minimal disruption to the business.

Where can I have a pre-employment or theft lie detector test?

We are able to carry out lie detector tests directly at the place of business, provided that there is an office that is available for use under the right conditions. The office should be confidential and quiet, away from other employees, and discreet. If this is not something that can be provided, we have offices available for use along the length and breadth of the UK.

What else could a lie detector test in the workplace help with?

It isn't only pre-employment or theft lie detector tests that are valuable to companies. It could be that someone has been accused of sexual harassment, discrimination, or bullying. Employment lie detector tests are also very useful in sickness management or identifying if an employee has brought the organisation into serious disrepute. There could be damage to company property or vehicles, and the person responsible is denying any involvement. Whatever your reason, if proof is what you need, a lie detector test in the workplace could be the answer.

How can I book a pre-employment or theft lie detector test?

If your company is in need of this service or you wish to discuss how we could work alongside your company during your recruitment process, please contact our dedicated customer support team on 08007747268 or visit us online.

Find the weak link in the existing chain or get the right staff the first time, every time, with a money-saving pre-employment or theft in the workplace lie detector test.