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Lie Detector Test For Cheating

Lie Detector Test For Cheating

Tuesday 25th April 2023

It will be of no surprise that a lie detector test for cheating (more commonly called and
infidelity lie detector test) is one of the most popular reasons clients contact us. Over the years, we have seen an increase in the amount of couples contacting us to complete the examination, usually as a last resort to resolve the uncertainties in their lives. Many couples have had doubts for many years and although they think their partner has been unfaithful, or they want to prove they haven't, they can not see a way to get the proof they so desperately need. A lie detector test for cheating can be the first step on the road to recovery, or a way to break free from and unwanted relationship.

Love and Trust in Relationships

Love is one of the most complicated and devouring of all the emotions and many will go to the ends of the earth to retain the love they have found. As individuals, we will put up with almost anything to have a loving and secure relationship, even remaining in an unhealthy and sometimes toxic one for fear of being alone. If you think about it, most emotions are simple to deal with, for instance; if we are simply angry, we can easily resolve this by talking to a friend or finding a solution to the problem. Not many feel anger for months on end without any respite. Fear is complicated, but not unable to be resolved in a timely manner, however love and the connections we feel when we love someone unconditionally can make us unreasonable and possessive, or happy and content. Love is responsible for us feeling all the other basic emotions at the same time and therefore one of the most powerful.

Love is built from trust, when we have found that special someone and decided to build a life with them, move in together, get married and potentially start a family. We have resigned ourselves to growing old with that special someone and for most the feelings are reciprocated. It is sad to say that throughout the generations the foundations of marriage have become less and less respected. For example, it is wonderful when you see and elderly couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. They are still in love and we wonder how could their marriage have lasted that long. The answer to this is simple, respect! This couple didn't meet in a nightclub or at the local pub, they courted and normally the husband went to his beloved's father and asked for her hand in marriage. This couple did not jump into bed with each other within the first 5 minutes and sometimes even had a chaperone on a night out. They were separated when the husband went off to fight for his country, but they wrote love letters to each other each week. There was no temptation or thought of cheating, because they trusted and respected one another and the foundation of marriage.

Divorce Rates

In the 1950s there were only 2.5% of people who divorced per 100,000 marriages, this figure has increased to 44.2% to date. This is down to the constant temptation with the invention of social media, dating sites and the like. There is even a dating site designed to allow for extramarital affairs called Illicit Encounters. With so much casual sex on offer it isn't hard to imagine that even the strongest of marriages will have the odd bump in the road and this is where a lie detector test for cheating could help save a relationship.

Why would I need a lie detector test for cheating?

Not all allegations of cheating are actually true and couples often suffer from the damage caused by previous partners infidelities. This makes the person insecure and see even innocent things as a possibility of an affair. You may have to work late, or not answer the phone within a few rings but because it is out of character and your partner has been hurt before, those feeling start to emerge. A lie detector test for cheating could prove that you have been faithful and that you have nothing to hide.

On the other hand, these can be small signs, coupled with others that something is wrong. In this case a lie detector test for cheating could prove your partner has been unfaithful. This allows you the facts to make an informed decision on if you want to end the relationship, or approach an organisation such as relate. Either way a lie detector test for cheating is the stepping stone to a more truthful future.

How do I book a lie detector test for cheating?

Booking couldn't be simpler, either visit us online or contact our dedicated Customer Service Team on 0800 774 7268 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Prices start from just £300.00 at selected offices nationwide.