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Who is Shamima Begum?

Who is Shamima Begum?

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Who hasn't heard of Shamima Begum? But who is she and what exactly has she done? Is she really a danger to our society and how could we prove her real intentions?

Who is Shamima Begum?

Shamima was 15 when she she left Bethnal Green in London to become a part of the Islamic State. She decided to do this based on the information from a single interview in the press, or so she says. There are many holes in her story which have been revealed throughout her protests, that she is ready to return to the UK and not a danger to our country or our pubic. We at Lie Detector Services Ltd are torn by her protests and feel a lie detector test in London would reveal her true intentions.

What happened when Shamima left the country?

This young girl arrived in at her dream destination and she described her "excitement" as she followed this forbidden path. She was married off to a Jihadist fighter when she entered Raqqa, Syria. The then 23 year old Dutchman Yago Reidijk who married this child had joined Isis in 2015. During her time in Syria she mothered three children all of which died from malnutrition and lack of the appropriate medical care.

What was her role within Isis?

Now this appears to be the question doesn't it? She has changed her story so many times in order to get back into the UK. She has stated that reports she used to sew would be Jihadi's into their suicide vests and that she carried a rifle were simply untrue. She claimed she never did anything considered dangerous. If she is denying her role within Isis then it's clear she could by lying about her intentions when returning to the UK. Wouldn't it be an idea to test her on these facts reported by others with questions such as:

Where you responsible for sewing would be Jihadi's fighters into their suicide vests?
Will you still be a member of Isis when you return to the UK?
Have you severed all ties with Isis?

Where is Shamima Begum now?

Shamima Begum is currently residing at Al-Roj detention camp which lies in North-East Syria. The reports of this settlement are anything to be desired but does she deserve to be there? We as nation are empathetic and always look to do the right thing, but where does it stop?. Its unclear if this woman is a danger to us but better safe than sorry. Let's put an end to this speculation and carry out a lie detector test in London to reveal her true reason for wanting to return to the UK. Over the course of her stay at the camp there have been various bids from her to return to the UK and thankfully our government has taken this very seriously, revoking her British Citizenship in 2019.

As a result of this decision, she became tangled in various legal battles branding the decision "unjust on her and her son". As a person with duel nationality, even her family initially believed this was the right decision, until the death of her third child.

The Supreme Court

After Jarrah passed away from a lung infection, Begum's family started legal proceedings against the governments decision to revoke her citizenship. This was rejected and a further appeal launched, this too was lost when she was just 20 years old. However in 2020, the court of appeals did rule that although she would not be a British citizen, she should be able to return to the UK to challenge the governments decision. In 2021, the government appealed this decision, sending the case to The Supreme Court for the very first time.

During all of these appearances Shamima has started to try to look more and more westernised, changing her clothing and attempting to remove any traces of an affiliation to Isis. The news interviews broadcast on television have prompted many body language experts to confirm she is lying about her reasons for wanting to return, and that the change in her appearance is another way she is attempting to "fool" authorities and the public. It appears strange to our industry that no one would ask her to complete a polygraph examination, this could provide vital insight into her intentions. This would also ease the objections to the case from human rights lawyers.

Can Shamima return to the UK?

Today, The Supreme Court has upheld the governments decision to ban Shamima from returning to the UK, prompting the same human rights lawyers to suggest she is more of a danger where she is, than if she returned to London. They believe that if she is where authorities can monitor her then this is safer. We disagree, however if these lawyers do manage to persuade further appeals courts of this fact, then Shamima should undergo a polygraph examination and then routinely every three months to ensure she has not been in contact with any of her Isis affiliates.. A lie detector test is a useful tool when dealing with repeat offenders and is utilised by the police on a daily basis. Why wouldn't this be a "MUST" for this person. It appears very strange to us that she would not have offered to complete a test, never mind been asked to complete one.

A lie detector test in London

We would be happy to discuss how we could help to complete a lie detector test in London for Shamima Begum and invite any of the authorities to contact us.

We do not just complete polygraph examinations for this reason. We are able to help with any case that is questioning your or another persons integrity. Contact our dedicated Customer Support team on 0800 774 7268, or visit us online for more information.