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How can a polygraph test help you?

How can a polygraph test help you?

Thursday 26th January 2023

*Lie detection by polygraph - How it can help YOU and under what circumstances.*

There can't be many people who are unaware of lie detection machines and services but many, if not most are not really sure about the circumstances in which they are used. To shed light on this subject we'll list some of the crimes below in which a polygraph may go a long way in helping to show involvement or innocence. However, be aware that if involvement or guilt in a crime is present then that will be shown equally enthusiastically.

However, lie detection services are currently more commonly used in domestic matters where one partner is accused of infidelity and wants to prove to the other that this is not the case. It is also used quite often in proving to companies' innocence where suspicion may exist concerning theft or wrongdoing. Many companies are more than prepared to pay for these tests in order to ascertain the truth about an employee and consider the truth proven money well spent.

Lie detector test for infidelity.

When it comes to proving fidelity or infidelity, the polygraph is particularly effective because under even gentle questioning, body signs rear up. Pulse can increase, breathing becomes irregular and sweating occurs but when we talk about sweating, we're not talking about torrents running down the face and armpits crying out they are drowning, but rather an increase in small amounts of moisture at the fingertips, easily detected by the polygraph when leading questions are asked. At this stage let's point out one simple fact which is, when it comes to detecting infidelity the polygraph excels. It's rarely wrong.

Unfortunately, rushing the other half off for a lie detector test does not always solve the problem, even though indisputable proof has been provided. Infidelity is a very emotional subject and a person having lived for a long while suspecting it can often be incapable of accepting the truth. At this stage, it may well be necessary to do one of two things, neither of which we can recommend but which are probably the only available solutions. These are to separate or seek counselling from an appropriate source. Perhaps even Relate, formerly known as the Marriage Guidance council.

Lie detector test for crime.

When it comes to crime, the situation regarding lie detection by polygraph is not quite as straight forward. Despite the fact these are used by the police for various reasons, in court the results are not acceptable. However, the police can be influenced by a polygraph result as can the probation service who use them to assess the likelihood of paedophiles offending again on their release from prison.

The crimes in which you may find a polygraph useful in proving or showing your innocence and or non-involvement are shown below, but please understand that where there is Closed Circuit Television evidence, unlimited witnesses and your fingerprints and DNA everywhere its most unlikely that a polygraph will do little more than confirm your guilt. Where there is genuine honest innocence the polygraph will almost certainly show this and it may well be that those representing you will be able to put it to great effect.

You cannot use the polygraph as a means of showing others that you are innocent of any accusation or crime if you are in fact guilty, because it will almost certainly show this to be the case. The polygraph is for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth with extremely rare exceptions.

If you require any further information on lie detection, how best it can be used if it can help you, what it can accomplish or you simply wish to make an appointment, contact our dedicated Customer Support Team on 0800 774 7268, or visit us *online. Help is just a phone call or a click away.