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Why take a Lie Detector Test in Birmingham?

Why take a Lie Detector Test in Birmingham?

Saturday 14th January 2023

Birmingham is a multi-cultural and vibrate city, with many different religions, nationalities and generations living happily as a community. That being said Birmingham was depicted as the fourth city in the UK with the highest recorded crime rates. Crime statistics gathered by The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that up to June 2021, 102.9 crimes were committed per 1000 people living in this bustling West Midlands city. A large number of these crimes are theft. This could be small items such as mobile phones or bicycles, however the larger scale being home burglaries and car theft. It's natural to think that these "opportunists" went into your property blind, not knowing the haul they would be able to gain from this crime. Unfortunately, and worryingly, 43% of property thefts are executed by someone you know or that is close to a member of your family. This is where a lie detector test in Birmingham could help.

That "gut" feeling

We have all been on the receiving end of a theft of some description and when this happens our thoughts turn to who it may be. We analyse all of our close relationships and try to eliminate people one by one. The feeling never goes away, and we are then left with a "who did it" scenario. This inevitably makes us wary of friends and family, often damaging relationships beyond repair.

In life, we hope that our loved ones are not capable of this form of dishonesty, however naturally we suspect everyone. At Lie Detector Services Ltd we have seen an increase of people requesting a lie detector test in Birmingham for just this reason. We are continually approached by families, friends and companies to exonerate the innocent and identify the guilty.

Where can you have a lie detector test in Birmingham?

We are able to provide a controlled environment for multiple tests on the same day, and also provide a discount on these multiple bookings to lend a helping hand. We offer tests in Fort Dunlop, Solihull and Evesham. All tests require a £50.00 non-refundable booking fee with the remaining balance due 48 hours before the test date. We do accept the final balance on the day but at our Evesham office only.

What questions should I ask?

When considering the questions, you wish to ask, try and keep it simple. Although you are able to choose any 3 direct questions you would like, usually clients opt for the following.

1.Did you steal xxxxx from xxxx property
2.Did you assist in the theft of xxxxx from xxxxx property
3.Do you know who stole xxxx from xxxx property.

It is always hard to accuse someone of such wrongdoing and approaching this type of issue can be difficult. Will they be offended you have asked, or will they even take the test? When you think of these hurdles on the road to finding out the truth about the situation, you should approach it in a positive manner, such as:

1.Don't single out one individual.
Unless you are confident of the person who has committed the crime, it's wise to book a multiple test and examine all the people who may know something. Our discount is offered on tests booked at the same time and on the same day, or if more than 5 people over 2 consecutive days.

2.Ask all your examinees the same set of questions.
This ensures that the tests are carried out equally and they do not raise a need for further testing. If you use the above set questions (or some similar) then you will know if the person did or had any involvement in the crime. If you are unsure we will be happy to review your questions before you book.

3.Ensure you book the test personally.
We only provide the results of the examination to the person who booked and paid for the test. This means your examinees will not know if they passed or failed before you do. This also allows you to see all the results at once. You can request we provide results to the examinees, but it is at your request only that this information would be shared.

Overcoming objections

1.I can't take time away from work to take the test.
Typically, a lie detector test in Birmingham will take up to 2 hours, however this is reduced if you ask all the examinees the same questions. Once you have completed your pre-test interview with the examiner and discussed the issue, the first examination can start. This will usually take around an hour. Not all examinees need to be present for the entire day and they can arrive staggered, one hour after the last. Therefore, the maximum time realistically someone would need to request away from work is approximately 1.5 hours. This could be an extended lunch break and therefore the above objection should not be an issue.

2.I suffer from anxiety.
Everyone taking a Lie Detector test is nervous, anxious, scared, angry or a combination of these feelings. This is perfectly normal for everyone to have these feelings. All examiners are trained to deal with nervous or anxious clients, and this will not affect their test result.

3.I take medication.
It is rare that any particular medication will affect a test as long as the examiner is made aware before the onset of the test. However, when making a booking with any company be sure to check this before making payment.

4.I do not want to be seen walking into a lie detector test in Birmingham office.
None of our offices, or any that we utilise have any kind of logo or indication that the person who visits us is completing a lie detector test. Our examiners do not wear a uniform with any logo and their cars do not have our company name on them. Our service is confidential, private and overall, extremely discreet.

5.Why should I, you should believe I did not do it.
This is probably the most difficult question to overcome. If your loved one, friend or colleague refuses to participate in the process, there is usually a reason for this. Their reluctance would usually be seen as a guilty conscience.

How do I book a lie detector test in Birmingham?

We offer our services all over the UK and not just in Birmingham. We offer appointments for any amount of people and for any reason. It may be theft, infidelity or maybe your integrity is being questioned. If you need a lie detector test in Birmingham or would just like to speak to someone to see if we can help, please contact our dedicated Customer Support Team on 0800 774 7268 or visit us online.