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Jordan McSweeney jailed for 38 years

Jordan McSweeney jailed for 38 years

Thursday 22nd December 2022

Jordan McSweeney has been jailed for 38 years for the senseless killing of Zara Aleena, but could anything have been done to prevent this atrocity, we think so.

Many police forces in the UK use lie detector tests to prevent repeat offenders in situations involving sexual violence against children. If a pedophile ends up failing their polygraph examination it is not considered to be concrete evidence that the person is being deceitful, however it can help to lead to further investigation and continued supervision. The ministry of justice said in 2018 that 166 sex offenders have been sent back to jail after concerns were raised after they failed their lie detector tests. The results showed investigating officers that there was further concern about their demeanour and helped to lead to continued investigations into their crimes. Around 50 tests are carried out each month to help to prevent repeat offending, so the process is successful. This figure continues to rise.

If we trust that sex offenders should take lie detector tests on their release, why wouldn't we extend the same for violent offenders? This small addition to the parole process could have helped identify the potential risk to the British public, and potentially saved an innocent woman's life with a promising career ahead of her.

Warning signs

Lets take a look at Jordan McSweeney's past to see if the polygraph could have helped.

Jordan McSweeney had been released from prison following a conviction for possession of a knife and racially aggravated assault. In his lifetime, McSweeney had committed 69 offences and was convicted 28 times. He had been sentenced for offensive weapon possession and aggravated assault to 16 months in prison. His 69 offences previously included assaulting a police officer, criminal damage, theft and assaulting the British public. This person was a danger to society with some of these crimes being committed whilst he was on bail. It is clear this individual had no respect for the justice system and should have been detained for far longer. It is also apparent that, given his history, he was likely to re-offend.

Before Zara was murdered by McSweeney, he had been recalled to prison for missing his first probation appointment. The police were unable to locate the criminal and just two days later, Zara was killed. On the night in question, Zara had been one of four women McSweeney had pursued that evening, which resulted, for her, in being horrifically beaten, sexually assaulted and left struggling for breath. This ambitious, bright and happy lady later passing away from her horrific injuries.

Evidence of Evil

It is clear that a lie detector test would have provided some insight into the justice system, as he showed no remorse for his crimes. A lie detector test at his probation appointment may have shown his likelihood to offend further. It could have led to a supervised release into a half-way house, or better still, placed him back behind bars where he truly belonged.

The prosecutor, Mr Glasgow, confirmed during the trial that McSweeney showed a "very aggressive" persona and even warned his police interviewers that "We're going to get fighting then" and "just because I'm in cuffs, don't think, I'll bite your face off cuz... it's not a joke."

The prosecution followed with a statement confirming "He ignored what was said and what was asked, he closed his eyes as if trying to fall asleep, and he sat with his head on his folded arms on top of the table. He refused even to acknowledge that he was being spoken to and when the police began to ask him about the murder of Zara Aleena he yawned loudly and told the police that they were boring him."

McSweeney was too cowardly to show up for his sentencing, his defence claiming that he did not want to relive what he had done. In a broadcast ruling, the judge handed the killer 38 years, which seems far too little for what he has done to this innocent girl and her family, even more so with something that a simple lie detector test could have helped to prevent.

As much as lie detector tests (at present) can not be used as evidence in court, they will continue to provide an insight into the minds of sexual abusers. We feel all violent offenders should be subject to lie detector tests at their probationary stage to ensure their release is the right choice. It is too late for Zara, and this is of no comfort to her grieving family, but they could be used in future to protect the public and help keep these dangerous people in the institutions they deserve to be in.

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