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Honesty is the best policy

Honesty is the best policy

Tuesday 25th October 2022

Why choose honesty over deceit?

Our lives are complicated, we have so many relationships that require truth and transparency to succeed. We balance work, love and friendships and at points we need to make decisions that will alter the course of a relationship or even end it. When we reach these junctions, it is a good idea to weigh up your options, is the relationship worth saving, and how much do you really value it moving forward? Do you want to get everything out in the open to save your relationship, or do you just want to provide some reassurance to an insecure partner?

To provide a little clarity, let us look at the number of subjects surrounding dishonesty, lies and relationships. We understand a lie detector test/polygraph examination is probably the last stop before a work or life relationship is rescued or breaks down. We want to provide you with a deeper understanding of honesty and hopefully be able to help you to overcome what has troubled you so much that you visited us today.

It is vital that we can trust who we surround ourselves with every day, but it is just as important to identify disingenuous people who lie for their own gain. We want to explain what honesty means to us and how being truthful can bring you to a rewarding and happy life, a life filled with the people that matter to you the most.

We are not suggesting that the people in your life who may have told you a little white lie in the past to protect your feelings should be cast aside, we are referring to the ones who cheat, steal and otherwise deceive to cover up something that they know will hurt you, something they should not have done. In arguments, they will protest there was nothing wrong with what they did or did not do, they will try and shift the blame to you and say you are overreacting or being petty. If this is true, why would they need to lie at all?

There are many benefits to being honest, for instance:

The saying goes "be true to yourself, know who you are and what you want out of life". Sounds simple, but can you achieve it realistically? Of course, you can! Be bold, be brave and above all else be you. Know your limitations and embrace them, they are not a weakness. Recognising your flaws and confronting them head on shows courage and strength. It shows you are not afraid to be honest with yourself and others. We have all put up with bad relationships, as we think that is all we are worth. So many of us let life pass us by when we could have so much more. Everyone wants a fulfilling life; we only get one, and we should make the most of every precious moment of it.

It is obvious to say you should always be honest with your friends and family, if you are struggling, tell them. Do not put on a brave face, so they think you are ok, you are not, and they will always be there to help and support you. The people closest to you love you unconditionally and getting the problem out in the open means you have taken responsibility for your wrongdoing and want to make amends.

What about the "little white lie"?

Now, we are not suggesting the "does my bottom look big in this?" should not have a little tweak attached to it, however tact is important but instead say "it does not show off your best features, let's try a different style". Reading between the lines, your best friend knows that you think, yes maybe it does look a little big, but you have not lied, the style does not suit them, and you have been honest about that. If you said "no it looks great" then you have lied and have allowed someone who trusts your judgement to make a bad fashion choice, one that you know will get an adverse reaction from others. Never a good basis of a friendship.

If you are honest, you have not left any room for interpretation, you have told the truth and that is that. The people around you will appreciate it and although the truth is not always what they want to hear, being honest does not allow for anyone to say they have been misled into something they were unsure of. If you are always truthful, people will know where they stand with you, and you will always be respected for that.

Don't be afraid!

The truth can sometimes be harsh and unwanted, it can hurt people and that is something we are all afraid of. If you are unsure of how someone will react to the truth, discuss it with a friend or family member. Try and look at ways it could be approached from a different angle. Lies are hard to maintain, and eventually the truth always comes out. This inevitably results in the people you love being more hurt that you lied to them, other than focusing on the fact itself. Dishonesty is ugly in anyone, inside and out and should be avoided whatever the cost. Lies eat away at you, and eventually you do not like the person you have become. One lie turns into many and in the end, it's futile. When the truth is revealed, the trust is gone, it is nearly always impossible to regain.

Why should you be honest?

The most amazing thing about honesty is that it will help you find people who are worthy of you, deserving of your friendship and company. The people who do not like hearing the truth are not worth your time or effort. If you are honest from the start, you may just be lucky enough to find a friendship that you will keep for a lifetime. These are the friends you can share everything with, from sadness to happiness, and they will always be by your side, as you will be by theirs. These are the relationships to hold onto and not the empty, dishonest and spurious ones that are only there when they need something from you, or because you say what they want to hear. If you are honest, you can always just be you, no effort needed. Think about it, how many true friends do you really have, and what is it that makes them irreplaceable? The answer to this question is almost always that you trust them implicitly, this is because the relationship is built on transparency, respect and honesty.

Zaid Abdelnour once said "Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behaviour decides who stays in your life"

A leopard cannot change its spots, but you CAN teach an old dog new tricks

Lies only achieve one thing, to make the liar feel better about themselves or to make them look better to others. They are the ones who have cheated, swindled or worse still are using narcissism behaviours to control someone. These are the bullies at school that made you feel bad about yourself, the ones at work who lie for their own progression. These are not the kinds of people you want to be sharing a sherry with and reminiscing about times past at the age of 80!

Take pride in your honesty

You must always take pride in who you are and who you want to become. It is only someone with a caring, strong and mindful character that can admit when they are wrong and focus on how they can try to repair their relationship with you. The people who cannot admit their wrongdoing, blame others and show no remorse will always be looking over their shoulders afraid their deceitfulness will be revealed. They will constantly be on edge and forever fabricating more stories to cover the lies they have already told. Sounds utterly exhausting to us, how about you?

How can we help?

At Lie Detector Services LTD, we know how important your world is, we want to help you uncover the truth you rightfully deserve. It may not be that you have lied, but you want to prove you have not. It could be that you have been accused of being unfaithful, or you want your partner to prove they have not. It could be a family member has stolen from you, or you are that family member who needs to prove their innocents. Clients reach out to us for many reasons and to us every case is equally important. We do not judge, and your examiner will always remain impartial to your case. All of your information is treated with the strictest of confidence, and we will always help and support you through every step of your journey with us.

We offer our services in venues conveniently situated for access by car or public transport. The offices are discreet, comfortable and available in most towns and cities across the UK. You may not know if a lie detector test will get you the answers you need, but we are happy to discuss your issue with you and see what we can do to help. Contact our dedicated Customer Support Team on 0800 774 7268 or visit us online and send us a message.